Math Enrichment

Starting in March 2016, I will have several openings for math enrichment groups for 4-8th graders.  These groups are intended for students who are comfortable with the material covered in school and would like exposure to fun math topics not usually covered in the standard school curriculum.  Sample topics include parity and divisibility rules; 3-d geometry; graph theory; combinatorics and probability; number theory and modular arithmetic; and logic puzzles.  Some of these may sound pretty fancy, but all of them have ideas that are very accessible for kids.  Problems are specifically tailored to each group of kids.

Students need not be math whizzes, but they should be interested in trying new things.  We emphasize having fun, and we strive for a collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere.  (But we do sometimes  have little contests if the kids are into it!)

I can coordinate girls-only groups, and I’m also happy to work with parent-formed groups of any gender mix.  Groups may consist of 4-10 students.

Most sessions will have a particular mathematical theme; we will explore different aspects of the theme over a handful of meetings.  Activities will include problem solving, games, and building activities.

If you are interested in joining a group I coordinate, please keep an eye on the Classes page.  If you would like to select your own group of kids who already know each other, please email me at with the following details:

  • The names and ages/grades of the children, plus a short description of your goals for the group
  • Preferences on timing

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